Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Lab Facility

EEE department is committed to produce engineers with practical and hands on experience in real world field. With that aim in mind the department has installed the following laboratories with the latest equipment.


Electronics & circuit lab

This lab aims to implement and verify the concepts learnt from electrical and electronics courses. Students would be able to build-up different electrical and electronic circuits on the bread-board and study their behavior and thus verify the knowledge earned in the class rooms. Experiments with basic circuit theories, different circuit laws, rectifiers, and power supply are performed. Experiments like power factor improvement, filter and resonance circuit operations are also conducted. They would also be able to implement circuits with diodes, thyristors, MOSFETs, OP- AMPs and different types of ICs. The laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment like oscilloscopes, function generators, DC power supplies, trainer boards, bread boards, digital and analog multimeters.


Control system and microprocessor lab:

In this lab students can work, find solutions of their problems in control system, and learn microprocessor functioning, different microcontroller operations using various micro-processors and ICs. They are able to train themselves working with PLC based projects using PLC training kits, Industrial control systems can be simulated with available PID controllers. Major equipment available in the lab are PCs, PLC trainer board, DC servo trainer, 8086 micro-processor trainer boards, Micro-controllers of renowned manufacturers, and input–output devices.


Communication lab:

This lab covers experiments related to analog and digital communication theory. This lab is featured with numerous trainer boards that allow the students to perform experiments on analog /digital modulation, demodulation, multiplexing, analyses communication ideas, etc. Analog communication trainer boards, Digital communication trainer boards, Fiber optic communication trainer board, Microwave test bench (klystron Based), Mobile communication trainer, satellite communication trainers are available. Test equipment like spectrum analyzers, digital storage oscilloscope are available.


Machine lab:

Machine lab introduces the student with electric machines (both AC & DC) namely the different types of motors like induction motors (both single phase and three phase), Synchronous motors, generators like synchronous generators, DC generators, electrodynamometer, transformers (small and large) etc. Experiments can be performed to learn the operations, characteristics, starting, synchronization, stopping, of these machines. Test equipment like watt meters (both analog and digital), digital tachometers, variac, variable power supply (both DC and AC) are available to set up the experiments.


Switchgear and protection lab:

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge and understanding of power system protection and electrical safety. It gives knowledge about the devices of power system protection using current transformer, voltage transformer different types of relay, fuses, circuit breakers and automatic

recloser. The lab also has facility to perform a few simulation- based experiments on static and electromagnetic relay, circuit breakers, their supporting components and their characteristics. Enough facilities are available to create faults in motors, generators and transformers and protect them by protection relays like overvoltage, under voltage protection, over current, under current protection, over frequency, under frequency and reverse power protection relays.


Computer Labs:

The Science and Engineering faculty has a computer science and engineering department with which EEE department proceeds in close cooperation and are using their rich and large number of computer labs. These labs are equipped with PCs with most up to date processors and specifications, OS and latest engineering and simulation software.


Physics and Chemistry Labs:

For teaching the students’ science courses two separate labs one for Physics and the other for chemistry are available with all modern and necessary equipment.

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