Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Academic Rules


  1. Students must register for the courses they wish to attend. Without registration no one is allowed to attend classes.
  2. Students may register for 9-12 credits (maximum 4 courses) in a semester. However, a student may take 5 courses, if the conditions are met and the advisor approves it.
  3. The optimum size of each class is 50 students. A section may not be offered if less than 15 students enroll for it.
  4. A registered student must be paid their tuition fees within the specified deadline, as indicated in the “tuition fees payment structure”. Failure to confirm registration by the deadline will result a student to be barred from attending classes.
  5. No subject will be allowed together with internship program. Students having CGPA 3.300 and above may be allowed to take project paper instead of internship program by the respective advisor.
  6. Section change within the same course is not allowed once the semester begins.




  1. The Schedule for the midterm and the final examinations is provided with the booklet (Registration Package). It is student’s responsibility to select courses in a way so that those match with class and examination schedule.


  1. Special mid-term will be allowed only for medical ground or unavoidable circumstances. The students must apply to the Vice-Chancellor through Head of the Department for special midterm exam. Decision to be given by honorable Vice-Chancellor.   A fee of TK.2000/- per course will be charged for special midterm examination.


  1. Students may be allowed to seat for special final exam on humanitarian ground, if the Head/Coordinator feels appropriate, the application is to be submitted with supporting documents to the ACAD within 07 days of the completion of  exam for the approval of Controller of Examination. A fee of TK.2000/- per course will be charged for special final examination.


  1. A student is required to attend 70% classes to be eligible to sit for the semester final examination on a particular course. However, if a student attains 50% to less than 70% classes attendance, s/he can still attend final examination with a fine of Tk. 1000/- for each course after being permitted by respective Dean/Head.


  1. Students attaining less than 50% attendance shall not be allowed to sit for final exam.


  1.  Students having zero attendance shall not be allowed to sit for mid-term examination except being permitted by the Vice Chancellor


Academic Dismissal:


  1. A student will be dismissed from university if his/her GPA fall below 2.00 for consecutive 3 semesters, or gets F,X,Y grades in fourth attempts, or breach any of the university regulations.


Semester Leave:


  1. A registered student who requires semester leave on valid ground must obtain permission before the commencement of the semester. The length of leave is a maximum of two semesters .The student taking semester leave must pay TK.1000/- as semester leave fee.


Semester Drop:


  1.   A registered Student must pay only semester fee of the semester if s/he applies for semester drop within one week of the commencement of the semester in consent of their Guardians/Parents, after this time limit and before midterm exam, Student must pay 50% of total tuition fees and after midterm exam s/he is liable to pay 100% of total payable amount for that particular semester.


Course Improvement/Retake:


  1. i) For an ‘F’ grade & Improvement of any grade the course must be repeated within the next 3(three) consecutive semesters but pre- requisite course/s must be repeated on priority basis.

ii) As for the improvement of grade of any course, the incumbent student may be allowed to repeat for improvement of that course only once if s/he earns up to ‘A-’ grade. It must be taken within the next 3 (three) consecutive semesters.

  1. Students are required to complete total credits of the program.



The authority reserves all the rights to change, add, and/or cancel anything in the registration information booklet including academic calendar, class routine, exams schedule, and course offering.

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